Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Etsy Mini!

My Store:

Just a couple of my items. ^-^

In other news, my first gift basket is being created as a door prize for my college's pub night just for the hotel and restaurant people. I get free promotion and someone gets to go home with some of my favourite exfoliants and scrubs, as well as some sea salt bath crystals, which I haven't posted yet but they will probably be up tonight if I have the time.

<3 Steph

Friday, March 16, 2007

Blog Numero Trois. Featured Artist.

Today's featured artist is:

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Creative Liberties!

My favourite item in Libertie's shop are her hand crafted origami earrings. I know how much time it takes to craft the delicate cranes and there they are, in a mini form, dangling from ear posts with matching beads! Adorable! Cranes are said to bring good luck, but carefully hand folded origami stars are supposed to as well! Here in Liberties store, these stars hang from the ends of earrings, decorated with Swarvoski crystals to accent the featured paper colour, are strung onto beaded necklaces or delicately placed into matching jars to place in your home. The jars are a colourful little add on to any nook in your house, and think of all the luck you will have with an entire jar of these handcrafted little stars!

Want to fold your own cute little stars? CreativeLiberties store offers packages of decorative strips complete with instructions on how to fold your own little star creations! I have bought a package and believe me, making those little stars are addicting! Other supplies include various Simplicity and McCalls patterns, as well as some scrapbooking paper.

CreativeLiberties also offers the chance for you to contact her for special requests, as well as offering international and expedited shipping for customers over the pond and others in the White North like yours truly. Her shipping is fast and she always includes cute little extras, as well ad business cards from other Etsy sellers you can't help but want to check out! So, if you love little origami items, need patterns or cell phone charms, photo albums or just some plain ol' good luck, please check out CreativeLiberties over at

<3 Steph

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Blog Numero... Two.

Before I jump into my new items for my store, I just have to say that anyone who is thinking of seeing Frank Miller's 300.. what are you waiting for! From the first moments I was wrapped up in this movie, feeling like your right there in Sparta. Gerard Butler, as always, is such a phenominal actor.. you may know him from Dracula 2000. Although that wasn't the best vamp movie that's come out, you have to give the Scot some credit. He did an amazing job in this movie. I suggest everyone go see it. Contrary to belief, its not all fighting at all! I'd say maybe 30% - 40% maximum is fighting, but it mostly focuses on plot building (gasp!) and King Leondias and his mental fight with himself to do what is right for his beautiful wife and more importantly, his young son. Just go see it, I don't want to say anything more! Does this picture need to say anything more?

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I've been working with all natural bath products the other day and these items are what I came up with! The first round was 100% all natural apricot seed exfoliant; the soap is avacado cucumber glycerin, which leaves the skin moisturized instead of all dried out like those store bought brands. Ick! These are not coloured, but can be upon request. They come in five different scents: Peach, apple, honey almond, eculyptus mint (this scent is used for aromatherapy in order to promote stress relief) and vanilla lavender (this scent is used for aromatheraphy as well, promoting relaxation).

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Second is an item straight from the sea! 100% all natural sea kelp stimulant and exfoliant. Sea kelp, among other natural Marine items derived from the sea, provides many nutirents and as well protiens that include elastin. These kind of exfoliants are great for anyone who needs a little bit of moisture in their skin, as well as wanting a natural way to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. My mother is fifty six and she loves this product! As well, these products can come coloured or not coloured, depending on preferance, and have the same scent options as the apricot seed exfoliant.

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Everything can be seen over in my Etsy store at As well, if anyone has MySpace, please do not hesitate to look me up and add me, I am frequently offering promotions, sales and discounts through my MySpace page that you won't find on here or on Etsy.

<3 Steph

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Blog #1. What the...

I've been on this blog a maximum of about fifteen minutes and to say I am a tad confused by it all is an understatement. Why I keep getting myself into these things, I'll never know. I suppose I got this to keep myself on track a little more, and give people a place to come and check out my ramblings, and weekly featured artists from the site Great site, you should all check it out if you are looking for something unique.

Lately my art has found itself amongst ribbon, cardstock and stacks and stacks of Yuzen origami paper. We decided that as well as selling the mini books, we were also going to use them as a wedding favour next May. Now that's a lot of work! Anyway, this is a sample of my mini books; I have two more over on my Etsy

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God I love those little things. They're just so tiny and colourful and cute. Hah, I really am a complete sucker for anything Japanese. Jamie, that's why I want to come visit you! Although I doubt I would survive being the picky eater that I am.

Well, off to a physical plant management test (who writes a test on light bulbs and shrubs...) and then home to rest; I have reason to believe I've been struck with food poisoning. I missed all my classes today except this one test. Getting caught up should be fun.

<3 Steph